Who We Are

Midas Worth Safety Requisites Trading LLC was estabilshed in 2021 in UAE. With over 3 decades in the PPE business, Midas Worth has established itself as a leading provider of personal p ro t e c tive equipment globally. Midas Worth Safety is a fully i n t e grated company controlling manufacturing throuhg disstribution while also representing some of the world’s leading brands such as 3M, Honeywell , Dupont, amongst others. Midas Worth Safety offers a comprehensive range of protective equipment, all produced to the highest standards complying with the various regulations such as EN,CE,ANSi etc. We are committed to our customers and strive to position oursleves at close proximity to all major industrial hubs in the region, ensuring prompt service and stock availabillity. We constantly educate our team and share this knowledge with our valued customers to provide the best solutions available in order to meet the ever improving Health, Safety and Environmental regulations.